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How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House

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Pressure washing your home is an important chore to maintain a home's appearance and integrity. Depending on exterior features, such as climate and siding, as well as wear-and-tear, it is recommended that homes be pressure washed roughly once every two to three years. Those living in warmer climates may need to pressure wash more frequently than those experiencing colder climates due to mold and mildew growth in higher temperatures. Additionally, busy households may need to increase the frequency of house pressure washing if the environment contains more dirt, dust, and foot traffic.


As a rule of thumb, homes in areas with warmer climates can benefit from pressure washing approximately once a year, since the hot and humid conditions can cause mold and mildew to quickly form and spread. Areas that experience colder climates can usually wait longer between pressure washing, since the cold weather prevents mold and mildew growth. But again, this is dependent on other factors like number of occupants and how much wear and tear the environment experiences. Ultimately, the decision of how often the house should be pressure washed should be based on current conditions, rather than sticking to a vague timeline.

Amount of Foot Traffic

For individuals living in a house with a high degree of foot traffic, pressure washing may be necessary more frequently than the two-to-three-year timeline. This is because dust, dirt, and debris build up and gather more quickly in a busy environment, leading to quicker deterioration of the house’s siding. Additionally, more people means more potential for pastel staining the outside of the house, causing it to look more dirty and stained more quickly. As a result, it is wise to consider pressure washing once every year if there are more than two-to-three occupants regularly present in the residence.

Type of Siding

Depending on the type of siding, it can be beneficial to pressure wash the house more or less frequently. For individuals with vinyl siding, the two-to-three year timeline is accurate. However, those with wood, stucco, or stone should consider pressure washing every year to ensure that it is properly taken care of and preserved. Steel, aluminum, and fiber-cement siding also require more regular pressure washing than vinyl, as these materials are more prone to deterioration.

It is important to always keep in mind the type of siding on the residence, how often the house is used, and the climate when deciding how often pressure washing should take place. While the general timeline of two-to-three years between pressure washes is sufficient for most households, it is always smart to be conservative and pressure wash more frequently if necessary. Doing so can help maintain the integrity of the house for years to come, and prevent extensive damage from occurring due to lack of upkeep. By following these guidelines, homeowners can keep their homes looking their best.

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