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Chilli’s Bar & Grill Dumpster Pad & Concrete Cleaning in Long Beach, CA

Chilis bar and grill dumpster pad cleaning long beach ca

We were contacted on a Saturday with an emergency request for power washing a local Chilli’s Restaurant. It seemed simple at first until we saw the inside Dumpster Pad which had been neglected for far too long. It was nasty, with grease an inch thick in areas. We also had to clean the back patio, driveway & entrance to the restaurant. The reason for the emergency service is they were having upper management coming through on Monday for an inspection. I treated the dumpster concrete with a strong mix of F9 Double Eagle degreaser, let it dwell then power washed it clean. The driveway had tire marks all over it so I pretreated the driveway & entrance with a light application of F9 Groundskeeper which brightened up the concrete nicely. The guys at Chilli’s were extremely satisfied.

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Products Used: F9 Double Eagle & F9 Groundskeeper

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